Storage Information

Outdoor boat and RV storage available


5 x 5 Unit – The size of a small closet
Small furniture, personal items or 50 file boxes.

5 x 8.5 and 5 x 10 Units – The size of a walk-in closet
A small office set, a mattress and box spring, or +/- 100 file boxes.


7.5 x 10 and 8.5 x 10 Units – The size of a large walk-in closet
One-bedroom apartment or an office suite.

10 x 10 and 10 x 11 Units – Half of a one car-garage
A larger one-bedroom apartment including appliances or +/- 200 file boxes.


10 x 14 and 10 x 15 Units – Two-thirds of a one-car garage
A two-bedroom apartment or house or construction materials.

10 x 19 and 10 x 20 Units – The size of a small one-car garage
A three-bedroom home, construction equipment or a single car or truck.


10 x 23 and 10 x 26 Units – Roughly the same size as a standard size garage
A four-bedroom home with appliances, retail inventory, construction materials or office files and records.

12 x 30, 14 x 38, 15 x 38 and 22 x 26 Units
AA New Storage has several options for large and extra large units that easily accommodate a boat and trailer or RV’s.

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